Use colors to enhance your mood

A room by room guide to the best colours for each space in your home

The concept that colours affect our mood and emotions is well-known and has been studied for thousands of years. In fact, this phenomenon can be traced back to ancient Egyptians who studied the effects of colours and used them to accomplish holistic benefits. Modern-day researchers say that the impact of colours is even more complex than first thought.

While some colours may affect certain individuals in unpredictable ways, most shades tend to have a consistent emotional effect on the majority of people. This theory is commonly applied in the field of marketing; for example, the colour red is used to stimulate hunger adverts for fast food restaurants.

So, how do colours influence our mood and how can we use this well-studied phenomenon to our advantage as we spend more time indoors?

The meaning behind colours

A quick study of colours shows that warm colours such as red, orange and yellow evoke feelings of optimism, happiness and energy. Although these colours are associated with stimulation and revitalisation, an excess of warm colours might insinuate aggression and anxiety.

On the flip side, cool colours such as green, blue and purple are seen as calming, harmonising and relaxing. These colours are also said to have intellectual and spiritual properties. However, an overuse of cooler colours could suggest lack of emotion and stagnation.

Specific shades may hold personal significance, so follow your instinct when picking colours.

How to use colours to switch up the mood in your home

While spending more time at home has its advantages, we could all use a change of pace and environment. Adding new colours to your space is a great way to do just that.

Repainting your home is one way to change up your space and take advantage of the psychological effect of colours. But, this can be rather expensive and time consuming. Instead, let’s explore how you can bring in colours through accessories and decorative pieces that you can order online.

Living/Dining Space

  • Lilac is known to be a relaxing shade of purple and can turn your room into a tranquilising space without the risk of seeming cold. This colour can be incorporated through curtains and throw blankets.
  • Dark, forest green is a harmonising, soothing colour, and encourages unwinding, making it perfect for a living room. An emerald green rug or a few plants might be just what your living room needs.
  • Red being a warm and energising colour, sparks conversation and is an effective choice if you often have people over and would like to stimulate excitement. Accent cushions, a vase filled with red roses, and decorative pieces can aid in adding red to a room.


  • Deep Blue is an intellectual and professional colour. It induces clear thinking and concentration, making it exactly what we need now that we are working from home. A blue painting or even just a blue desktop wallpaper can do wonders.


  • Yellow is a popular option for kitchens as it is cheerful and can make a small space seem expansive. Yellow barstools or countertop flowers can add the perfect amount of sunshine to an otherwise neutral room.
  • Brown, the colour of nature, is used by cafes to bring in an earthy tone and could do the same for your kitchen. This quietly supportive and neutral tone can easily be incorporated through wooden furniture or decorative wall art.


  • Purple works well in bedrooms. While it’s darker shades exhume sophistication, its lighter tones have a calming effect, making them an excellent combination. Lavender candles and a deep purple lamp shade can provide the perfect balance.
  • Soft blues are soothing and will calm your mind after a long day. Light blue bed covers, with white additions, will transform your room into a serene space where you can feel at ease.
  • Neutral colours such as white, beige and light grey are also a good choice for a bedroom as they are easy on the eyes. Being lighter tones, they can make even a small space seem big and airy. These shades work well with any furniture. Add them in through curtains and floor rugs.

As you go about revamping your home, remember to avoid going overboard with any single colour. Try to balance out shades and, most importantly, trust your gut. After all, your home should meet your needs.

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