The holy month of Ramadan lets you witness a different side of the United Arab Emirates. Muslims fast from dawn to dusk and only break their fast at sunset for a whole month. During this month, nightlife slows down, work-life gets shorter and people spend most of their time with loved ones. Ramadan is said to be the best month to visit UAE if you want to understand Islamic traditions. Ramadan is also the month when cities like Dubai organize a lot of cultural events for you to enjoy and celebrate.

Travelling from the UAE

Cities in the UAE are well-connected with flights to all major cities in the world. You can plan your trip using travel credit cards to avail discounts on flight tickets and enjoy airport lounges services. Moreover, you can utilize your reward points from your Citi Credit Card and redeem them for hotels, shopping and other benefits. Many hotels also give discounted booking rates in the form of Ramadan offers. Look for those while choosing your accommodation.


During Ramadan, there are certain prohibitions that you would have to follow strictly in Dubai. During the day time it is forbidden to eat, drink or smoke in public. That includes chewing gum too! Initially, restaurants used to remain closed till the sunset, however, things have changed in the past few years. Now some restaurants are allowed to serve food for tourists in the day time, though the area is cordoned off from public view.

While you are in UAE, if you get an opportunity to go to an Iftar, you should not miss it. Iftar is the meal that the Muslims break their fast with. For Iftars, many hotels have buffets and luxury tents that serve special meals. With a Citi Credit Card, you can even enjoy special dining offers like 2-for-1 dining, dining discounts, and more on various iftars. Look for traditional Emirati and Arabic foods like slow cooked lamb and rice.


Dubai has always been a popular shopping destination and during Ramadan in the UAE, you must take the time to do some shopping of your own! Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere in the UAE, and Dubai has some of the best shopping malls where you can easily utilise your credit card offers to shop to your heart’s content. During this holy month, most of the malls and entertainment places are relatively empty during the day. However, after sunset, the city comes to life and you can enjoy being a part of the celebrations.