Should I continue using my travel credit card?

Given the slowdown of travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic, your travel credit card is probably tucked away in some forgotten part of your wallet. The good news, however, is that even though you won’t be booking any flights or holidays abroad anytime soon, these cards still offer plenty of rewards and perks which can add value to your everyday life.

Travel credit cards offer a wide variety of experiences and lifestyle benefits. From golfing to luxury experiences, cinema, fine dining, shopping, or simply using your points/ miles towards payments – these cards have something for everyone.

What can I get with my travel credit card?

While you may prefer not to travel abroad for a vacation at this time, you can still plan a fun staycation at a hotel by yourself or with your family, right here in the UAE. When it comes to hotels, UAE residents are spoilt for choice! Besides special price offers on hotel stays, many card rewards programs offer other advantages such as a complimentary 4th night free hotel stay.

Other common perks cardholders can benefit from include access to local UAE golf courses, buy-one-get-one-free complimentary movie tickets, discounts at restaurants and coffee shops, online shopping discounts, and other leisure experiences.

Rewards that keep on giving

Some travel credit card programs are designed to reward users for making large payments – like rent and school fees. They give the option of turning such purchases into rewards points/miles or converting large purchases into smaller instalments.

Another great thing about many rewards programs in the UAE is that they don’t usually impose an expiry date within the same year. This means that you can accumulate points towards a holiday to your dream destination for when you’re ready to travel abroad again. After the long wait, you get to travel in style by using your travel credit card points to access ticket upgrades, airport lounges and other travel concierge services.

Loyalty has its perks

If you’re still considering a travel credit card that offers such rewards and perks, perhaps this additional incentive will tip you over the edge. Most card issuers give a generous points balance as a welcome bonus, and as some existing card holders already know, they also offer anniversary points every year**.

Applying for a travel credit card is super easy and it can be done within minutes using your computer or phone. Before you sign up however, be sure to read through the eligibility requirements (minimum income requirement), check the annual membership fee (if any), and read the fine print under the terms and conditions. It’s also important that you use the credit card responsibly and ensure that the monthly payments are made in full.

With that being said, your travel credit card is more than just a handy accessory for when you travel; so fish it out of your wallet and get to enjoy the numerous rewards available while you’re comfortable at home.

** This applies to some credit cards & not all. You need to check with your bank and confirm whether your credit card has this feature or not.

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