How to redeem Citi ThankYou Points?

With the start of a new year, it’s time to take advantage of the various customer rewards programs available from Citibank. One of such programs is Pay with Points Online, an option that allows eligible credit card holders to receive statement credit in exchange for accrued ThankYou Points. So, let’s say you use your Citi credit card to finally purchase that designer bag you’ve been eyeing for some time. You can get the value of that purchase as a credit on your statement, basically using your Citi Points to pay for the bag. Cool, right? So how does it work?

Well, first off, you have to accrue points by frequently using your credit card. The more you use your card, the more points you have available to redeem; so, get to swiping!

Citibank Online Redemption

You can take advantage of Pay with Points via Citibank online or the Citibank mobile app. To do so online, simply log into Citibank online like you normally would, select your credit card and then click the Pay with Points tab on the Account Details page. The page will display eligible transactions, from which you can select up to five to offset with your points. Next, click continue and confirm your redemption. That’s it; your statement will be credited with the value of the transaction within two business days, and you will be able to view this credit in your next statement of account.

Citibank Mobile Redemption

The process for using Citi Mobile® App is quite similar. Login and select your credit card, then select any transaction from the displayed list of eligible transactions. A Pay with Points button will be available for each displayed transaction; click on the button to proceed. The next page displays the total number of points you have available, and the number of points required to offset the transaction(s) you selected. Review and confirm by clicking the Pay with Points button. A successful confirmation page comes up, confirming the transaction amount, points used and points balance.

Things to Note

  • Currently, eligible Citi credit cards are Citi Prestige, Citi Premier, Citi Rewards.
  • Only retail transactions of up to AED 100 made within 60 days of redemption, are eligible.
  • The current conversion rate is 45 ThankYou Points to AED 1.
  • You can offset up to five transactions in one session using the online and mobile platforms.
  • Partial redemption of transactions is only possible using the Citi Mobile® App; it is currently not available using Citibank Online.
  • For more information, you can check out the Pay with Points FAQs and Terms and Conditions.

Other ways to redeem

Beside the Pay with Points program, there are many other ways you can redeem your Citi points, including:

  • Cash Rebate – An option that allows you to receive a cash rebate of AED 25, AED 50 or AED 100 in exchange for 1,000, 2000 and 4,000 ThankYou Points, respectively.
  • Merchandise – An option that allows you exchange ThankYou Points for Citi merchandise. You can select from a wide range of merchandise like apparel, electronics, home goods, etc.
  • Points Transfer – Here, you can transfer your ThankYou Points to participating travel loyalty programs on a 1:1 basis, to redeem for flights, hotel stays and other available travel rewards with select partners. This is for Prestige & Premier credit cards only.
  • Cash for Points – With this option, you can get cash rebates on travel-related spend using your Citi Prestige and Citi Premier credit cards. Unlike the Points Transfer program that is restricted to participating travel programs and partners, you can use your ThankYou Points for purposes above and beyond Citi’s official partners. So, enjoy free flights, hotel stays, ferry-trips, and other travel-related benefits around the world. Also, 15,000 ThankYou Points can be redeemed for AED 500 on any travel-related purchases.
  • Book Travel – You can use your ThankYou Points to book flights, hotels, rental cars and holiday packages through an online portal.
  • Gift Vouchers/Cards – Select from a wide array of entertainment and travel Gift Card/Voucher options to redeem with your ThankYou Points.

In summary, Citi has made available various customer rewards channels for your benefit, so it’s up to you take advantage of these easily accessible programs. For more information about any of the above rewards redemption options, including how to use them, visit the Rewards page on the Citibank website.

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