If you have ever had the misfortune of missing a flight or dealing with a long stopover then you’ll know that airports can get very tiring very fast. Not to mention that food and drinks are exorbitantly expensive, seats are uncomfortable and cramped and if you are looking for a quiet place to rest, you probably aren’t going to find one.

At such times, airport lounges can be a better option for you. Airport lounges can help you shake off the jet lag and relax while you wait for your next flight. Depending upon the airport you are at, there are a various comforts that you can enjoy at airport lounges, which could make your journey a pleasant one.

Food and drinks

Whether you like the food on the flight or not, with lounge access you can dine on diverse cuisines, as per your choice. If you’re only looking for a drink to refresh your mind, airport lounges usually have all that you need. Instead of the high rates and limited options that you find at the terminal, you can rely on the airport lounges to offer you multiple options and menus to choose from. Many airports lounge provide full-service dining and drinks, including different types of alcohol too.


Airport lounges have lots of amenities to keep you entertained like newspapers, magazines, television screens and sometimes even gaming consoles. These are sure to keep you engaged while you are waiting to board your flight. They provide you Wi-Fi and electrical outlets which is crucial while travelling to charge your devices. Only this time you do not need to stand in line and wait for your turn, you can just lie back and charge your devices with plug points right next to your table. Some airport lounges also have spas which provide manicures, massage and warm showers where you can freshen up before you take the next flight.

Comfortable seating

Unlike the cramped seats of the airport terminals, seating in lounges is usually spacious and comfortable with plush sofas and couches. There are also some private, quiet corners where you can take a nap or prepare for the day ahead. If there are kids with you, you would appreciate the kids’ room in the airport lounges that can keep them engaged while you have your ‘me’ time.

Airport lounges with Citi credit cards

Though these lounges seem comfortable, they are usually expensive. You might need to pay an annual amount to subscribe to airport lounge royalty programs or a small fee for a day pass. Thankfully, there is an easy solution. For those who are wondering how to get free access to airport lounges, credit cards are your answer.

With Citi credit cards you can enjoy unlimited access to airport lounges at more than 1000 airports in the world. This facility is available for you, for your supplementary cardholders and also for a guest that you can bring along.

Now you no longer need to wonder how to get lounge access. Enjoy the services at premium airport lounges with Citi credit cards and you won’t dread airport stopovers anymore.