Season 4

Episode 3: Inflation Nations: What to know about inflation and interest rates

April 6, 2023

"During the course of this year, the Fed will not be concerned only with inflation as the months go by; increasingly the pendulum will shift, and they'll be concerned about the employment part of their mandate as well," says Charlie Reinhard, Head of Investment Strategy for North America at Citi Global Wealth Investments.

In the latest episode of Living Beyond Borders, a podcast produced in partnership between GZERO and Citi Global Wealth Investments, Reinhard joins Eurasia Group’s Rob Kahn for a check-in on the lasting, sticky rates of inflation, how the Fed will continue to adjust interest rates, and what kind of recession - if any - investors should prepare themselves for.


Shari Friedman

Managing Director of Climate and Sustainability, Eurasia Group

Charlie Reinhard

Head of Investment Strategy, North America, Citi Global Wealth Investments

Robert Kahn

Director of Geoeconomics at Eurasia Group

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