If you are looking for a straightforward investment option to diversify your portfolio, mutual funds may be worth consideration. What exactly are mutual funds, and how do they work? Simply put, mutual funds consist of capital pooled together from a group of investors which is, in turn, invested in a portfolio of stocks, bonds, or short-term securities.

Every mutual fund is handled by a dedicated Fund Manager, whose responsibilities include implementing the fund's investment strategy and making investment decisions to ensure that the fund's objectives are achieved. Investors may expect to receive income in the form of dividends.

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Why should you invest in mutual funds?

Mutual funds offer a variety of schemes that suit your needs, be it regular income, capital growth, or protection. It allows investors to pool their money to purchase securities (stocks, bonds, money market instruments) managed by a professional fund manager backed by a team of experts.

You can build a portfolio that matches your investment objective and rebalance it according to your changing lifestyle needs.

Benefits of investing in a mutual fund:

Professional Management

When you invest in a mutual fund, you benefit from the knowledge and expertise of professional fund managers backed by a dedicated research team. The fund manager continually analyses the prospects and the performance of stocks and selects suitable investments to attain the scheme's objectives.


Diversification allows you to spread your investment portfolio across various industries and geographic regions. This helps you reduce risk since rarely do all types of investments decline in value simultaneously, and if one stock or asset goes down, there will always be another that compensates for it.


In case you are in urgent need of money, you can easily redeem a part or whole of your investments in open-ended funds and get back your money based on the net asset value (NAV) at that time. The process is standardized and helps you get your cash in hand quickly.


Mutual fund performance is reviewed by various rating agencies and publications, making it easy to compare one fund with another. As a unit holder, you will receive regular updates on your investments as well as information on the fund's holdings and the fund manager's outlook and strategy.


Mutual funds offer you a plethora of options based on your investment objectives. You can buy and sell mutual funds on any business day at your convenience.

Investing in mutual funds is a simple yet effective way to diversify your holdings while allowing you to benefit from professional fund management and relatively higher liquidity. Investors who wish to reduce their portfolio's risk through diversification can consider adding mutual funds to their investment portfolios to reap the full benefits. Get in touch with our experts for investment tips and information on how you can identify suitable investment opportunities.