Personal loans are probably the easiest to avail of with simple documentation, quick processing and disbursal. But before you get down to interest rates and tenures, let us consider why you may want to apply for one.

  1. To provide for home rent

    Like they say ‘Home is where the heart is’, a personal loan can always be the stairway to your dream abode, away from home. It can prove to be extremely handy when you are trying to save for something more important. Let it be an annual , a bi-annual, a quarterly or a monthly frequency , you are always prepared and comfortable.

  2. To renovate your home

    Go ahead, give your living room a facelift, redo the interiors or set up your very own home theatre. There's no limit to what you can do to improve your home but you might be limited by finances. Don't put off your plans till you accumulate enough, a personal loan is your answer for quick cash.

  3. For a holiday abroad with your family

    There is nothing better than spending time with your family, especially in one of those exotic holiday destinations abroad. If money is the only thing that is holding you back, you can choose to avail of a personal loan and realize your dreams of today.

  4. Wedding in the family

    Marriage expenditure, that of your own or a loved one, is perhaps the biggest expenditure you incur after education. But, unfortunately, there is no separate category of loan called the marriage loan. In spite of careful planning over years, sometimes there might not be enough to meet the financial requirements at the moment. In such cases, taking a personal loan is ideal.

  5. For higher education

    Most banks offer educational loans to students for higher education in India or abroad. However, educational loans are available only to students who get admitted to select institutes. Even then, the loan covers only tuition fee and does not include, hostel fees, travel and other related expenses. The easier option in this case for you is to go for a personal loan. Since, education is an asset which will provide returns throughout your life, the price you pay is worth the effort.

  6. Unforeseen medical emergencies

    In case of a medical emergency, sometimes you might not have enough, even if you have medical insurance. There are other expenses that go along with the treatment for which you may have to dip into your savings. Personal loan can be quite handy when you are in urgent need of money. Using it wisely means to only borrow what you need and make the best use of it.

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