What is Citi PayAll and Why Should I Use It?

Paying your expenses with a credit card is a smart way to spend money as it’s the best way to earn reward points, air miles, cashback and other perks. With Citi PayAll– a first-of-its-kind payment solution in the UAE – credit cardholders can turn their big payments into rewards that they can maximize over time.

What’s covered?

City PayAll covers big-ticket expenses and everything from yearly or monthly rents and school fees to residential property management fees. It eliminates the need to pay for such transactions using cash, cheques or auto-pay and gives the customer more flexibility.

In the UAE, the above-mentioned expenses are usually paid for with post-dated cheques or debit cards. The Citi PayAll feature gives the cardholder the ability to make larger payments, free up cash flow and maximize rewards like ThankYou Points, Skywards Miles, cashback; getting them one step closer to that long-awaited dream holiday or shopping spree. Want to know how? Read more!

How it works?

Accessible through the Citi Mobile® App, Citi PayAll offers account holders simple way to keep tabs on their expenses, while giving them plenty of opportunities to earn rewards points, miles, cashback or statement credit for each payment made. In order to use this payment solution, you will need to have an Emirates-Citibank Ultima/ Ultimate/ World, Citi Prestige, Citi Premier, Citi Rewards, Citi Cashback, or a Citi Simplicity credit card.

Let’s say you want to want to use this feature to pay your children’s school fees on the app. This can easily be done by following a few simple steps:

  1. Schedule the payment as a one-time or recurring transaction that would reflect on your credit card statement.

  2. Make note of the type of payment (in this case you would enter "school fees", as well as recipient information (this can be an organization, company or individual).

  3. Before the payment is made, you will be able to see the reward that will be earned and the small fee that applies on each transaction.

  4. The last step involves reviewing all details and confirming the payment.

Citi PayAll users can stay informed and in full control at all times as it’s programmed to notify them each time a payment has been successfully set up or processed. Payments must be scheduled at least seven calendar days in advance, while they can be labelled as recurring payments for up to 24 months, thus reducing the risk of the cardholder missing a payment or exceeding their credit limit.

What’s the catch?

A small fee will be charged on every Citi PayAll transaction and this fee will vary on the amount in question. The fee is displayed as soon as the transaction amount and recipient details are entered into the app.

When scheduling a payment, cardholders should plan well in advance as it can take up to seven working days for the transfer to be completed. There is a cap on the amount you can transact via Citi PayAll where you may only transfer up to 95% of your available Citi Credit Card limit or AED 150,000, whichever is lower.

Note this

Before activating the Citi PayAll feature, cardholders should review all information entered prior to confirming any payments as transactions cannot be changed once they are set up and can only be cancelled if Citibank is notified at least seven calendar days before the payment due date.

Before activating this feature on your credit card, you should first evaluate your finances and expenses as it would be risky to use it if you don’t have the funds to make the scheduled payments on time. Remember, that above all else, common sense is a key to becoming a savvy and responsible credit card user who can reap big rewards by spending smartly.

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