How to pay bills using the Citi Mobile® App

On any given day, many tasks are competing for our limited time and, more than ever before, people are in search of easy, convenient ways to get things done. Paying utility bills on time is one of such important tasks. In the past paying a bill would entail physically walking into an office or a bank, but these days, with the intersection of finance and tech, bills can easily be paid with the click of a button.

For Citibank customers, the Citi Mobile® App is an easy and convenient way to pay bills, and you can do so in two simple steps:

Step 1: Download the Citi Mobile® App from your app store and open the app (if you already have the app, you can skip to Step 2). Next, click on "New? Create a login account" at the bottom of the screen, and follow the prompts to create a User ID and Password. Note that you will need your debit card and registered mobile number to complete the process, so make sure to have them handy.

Step 2: Sign into the app and navigate to Payments > Transfers and then select the account from which you want to transfer money. Select the relevant Utility Bill merchant and enter the amount to be transferred. Confirm the details as prompted and the transfer will be performed instantly. That’s it, your bill has been paid!

Some utility bills you can pay via the Citi Mobile® App include:

  • Etisalat (Prepaid and Postpaid)
  • Du (Prepaid and Postpaid)
  • Salik
  • DEWA
  • SEWA

A great way to stay on top of your payments is to set up Direct Debits. A Direct Debit is an instruction for Citibank to automatically debit your account to make a payment to another bank account, in this case a utility bill merchant. You can set this up to run monthly (or whatever period your bill payment is due), so you don’t get cut off from your important utilities. This service is free, however, it is important to make sure your account has sufficient funds at the time of payment, as insufficient funds can attract charges.

While you’re on the app, you can also do other simple tasks like: review all activity on your account(s), manage your cards, and update your personal information. Take it up a notch and perform more elaborate functions like open a mutual funds or securities brokerage account, request a credit limit or use your Points or Miles to offset your transactions with the Pay with Points function.

The ultimate goal is to take the stress of your financial transactions and the Citi Mobile® App does just that by providing a simpler, faster and safer way of banking.

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