A vacation is just what you need to stop the clock and recharge once in a while. The chance to meet new people, taste different cuisines and experience a new culture can be enriching and rewarding, however, it can also be expensive and easily create a hole in your pocket.

Thankfully, your bank can ensure you do not miss any of the memorable experiences of a vacation. Find out how you can finance your dream vacation with readily available banking products like:

  • Credit card
  • Installment loans
  • Quick cash loan
  • Personal loan

Credit card

With the benefit of deferred and convenient payments, it is easy to finance your vacation through a credit card. Along with a secured payment method, you also receive benefits and rewards as and when you pay with them. With some credit cards, you can enjoy various benefits for free. For example, a travel credit card is a type of reward credit card that lets you go on a vacation stress-free with various complimentary services. With this credit card, you can save on flight tickets and hotel bookings by earning discounts and reward points with each payment. With some travel credit cards, you also enjoy unlimited access to luxurious airport lounges across the world with their first-class amenities.

For example, with the Citibank Prestige Credit Card you can enjoy unlimited 4th night stay at any hotel around the world without paying for it. You also receive complementary movie tickets and enjoy concierge services for your travel, entertainment and day-to-day tasks, all for free.

Installment loans

An installment loan ensures that your vacation does not put you in any sudden financial burden. With an installment loan, you can quickly spread the cost of your travel package into small credit card installments as per your financial capability.

Quick cash loan

With a quick cash loan, you need not worry about any spontaneous plans. You can easily get a loan against your credit limit to pay for all your expenses. If you are wondering how to get a quick cash loan, you might be surprised. Like your spontaneous plan, you can get a quick cash loan in no time. To get started, check your pre-approved quick cash loan amount in your mobile app or on the website. Enter the amount you need, select the repayment tenure and wait for the money to get deposited in your account while you start packing for the trip.

To have more control over your finances, you can even calculate your monthly EMIs with the calculator provided on the lender’s website.

Personal loan

Another way of financing your trip is through a personal loan. You can apply for a high-value personal loan with longer repayment tenure and attractive interest rates. With Citi’s fast and convenient process you just need an identity proof to apply and get a decision on your application within 24 hours.

Don’t let the lack of funds ruin your travel plans. As someone has rightly said, “Money can return, but time will not”. Have a great trip!