How to de-stress without leaving the house

Being confined at home with family members or by yourself can be stressful. With limited face-to-face interactions, feelings of stress and anxiety might begin to creep in. However, it’s possible to stay relaxed even when you’re restricted to one location. Below are a few points that can help you to de-stress and minimize worry without leaving the comfort of your own home.

1. Clean your house and declutter. The sight of a disorderly house with unwashed dishes in the sink, clothes lying on the floor, and muddy footprints all over the house can dampen your mood. It’s been said that, “an unorganized home mirrors an unorganized mind.” If you have too many clothes and unnecessary items lying around the house, let this be an opportunity to get rid of them. Studies have shown that stress is linked to a stress hormone which at elevated levels can lead to depression. Endeavor to keep the home clean and organized to prevent feelings of stress and gloom.

2. Engage with friends and family over the phone. Connecting with others provides you with the opportunity to process your thoughts and can bring a smile to your face. Gretchen Rubin, a New-York based author, believes that when it comes to family communication, “frequency is more important than duration.” So keep up communication with friends and family by having frequent phone calls.

3. Write down your thoughts. Your brain is likely to store information that you have written down in your diary so don’t let those beautiful ideas fly out the window. Record your ideas and get your creative juices flowing. Journaling also helps to detox your mind and help you deal with frustrations that you might be harboring.

4. Gardening. Gardening is part of making your home a haven from stress. Quite often, relaxation is tied to stunning landscapes and the sound of nature. The same is true for gardening. It involves bringing beauty to life and this is what makes it therapeutic. As you spend time with your plants, take the time to feel their texture, listen to the birds, and soak in the scent of the soil and air.

5. Play board games or solve a puzzle. Games such as scrabble, monopoly, chess, crossword puzzles and cards are examples of common games that are fun and entertaining to play. Playing board games enables you to learn how to set goals and be patient in a relaxed environment. You can play these games throughout the day to keep the mood light and cheery. You can also layout a puzzle and assemble it as a family.

6. Let the children create their own art. Andria Zafirakou, a world-renowned teacher, recommends giving your children a two-hour break to do something creative on their own that they otherwise wouldn’t do at school. This might be making crafts from materials around the house such as egg boxes and toilet paper rolls. Don’t feel pressured to instruct them on what to do. They can be productive when you entrust them to be on their own and this can free up time for you as a parent.

With a couple of different options to choose from, we hope you can find something that helps to put your mind at ease. Choose to live a stress free lifestyle and remember to share what you have learned with others too.

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