A guide to a better you

Is your lifestyle positively affecting your health or destroying it? The constant reminder to stay healthy is everywhere from billboards to social media, but unfortunately, we’ve gotten so used to it, muted it out, and failed to live out its message consistently. All it takes is making small behavioral changes, one-step at a time. Amid the current situation, there is no reason to turn a blind eye because you can still keep your body and mind on the right track even while at home. Here is a practical guide with simple ways you can create healthy habits.

Moderate screen time

On average, both men and women in the UAE spend 6 hours a day on their screens, which amounts to 25% of an entire day. In 10 years, a person would have spent 2.5 years browsing through his or her phone. The presence of social media, television, and gadgets are not entirely to blame. Instead, the problem is in failing to balance screen time and being fully present. Failure to live a balanced life can be detrimental not only to self, but to relationships as well. To regulate the amount of time you spend on your phone, delete or get rid of applications that you do not need and challenge yourself to eat without scrolling through your phone. At home, you can limit screen time for your kids by setting up fun and constructive activities that they can do instead of watching TV. While at the dinner table, focus on having conversations between family members and keep your phone and other gadgets away.

Eat healthy

Approximately 20% of adults in UAE live with diabetes and 40% of children are overweight or obese. High consumption of carbs such as sugars and processed grains are partly to blame. So how can we make healthy eating fun and exciting? Blend up your favorite fruits and veggies into a smoothie for a change. If you enjoy pizza, you can make it at home and make it healthier by regulating the amount of cheese and adding extra veggies such as onions, tomatoes, and peppers. For dessert, you can substitute ice cream with yogurt and nuts.

Take advantage of home delivery

There are over 10,000 restaurants in Dubai alone, offering a wide variety of national and international cuisines. Therefore, for every unhealthy food craving, there is a healthier option out there. With the current events, you can still order for home delivery while staying safe at home. Whatever you order, let it add to your health and not take away from it.

Keep active

Researchers have discovered that 41% of the UAE population does not have an active lifestyle, which has led to health-related problems. So how can you keep active during this time? You can keep yourself busy around the house by washing your car, lifting weights, gardening, or mowing the lawn. If you live in a tight fit apartment, you can use your body weight to keep yourself active. Daily 10-minute sit-ups, press-ups, yoga lessons, or wall squats can amount to over an hour of exercise per week, which is way better than doing nothing at all. For extra motivation, find online fitness classes on social media or organize online group exercise with your friends.

Becoming a better you takes a lot of discipline but with consistency, you can turn good habits into a lifestyle. I hope that these practical tips will be a guide not only to you but for those around you as well so, do not forget to click the share button above. Stay safe!

Rachel Musiime is a creative ray of sunshine based in Oklahoma City with a passion for telling stories through written content, video, and photography. She is an avid traveler, amazed and delighted by the beauty of different cultures.

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