When the clock ticks closer to midnight on New Year's Eve, it's time to think deeply about what you can accomplish in the New Year. After all 2020 dawns with new hopes and promises, so why not to make the most of it.

Is it health and wellness, is it your relationships, the way you handle money or your concern for the environment? December is the best time to take account of everything you've done over the last 12 months and set resolutions for the next year.

Here are 20 things to aim for in 2020.

Develop a reading habit

It's no secret that reading sharpens the mind, increases the vocabulary and makes people great speakers. Researches indicate that analytical thinking is boosted by reading more books. Bill Gates reads about 50 books a year, and in an interview, he admitted that reading was the primary way he learned new things and tested his understanding. So what are you waiting for, pick up something interesting to read.

Set a healthy sleep pattern

How many hours are you sleeping in the night is a vital part of being healthier. In 2020, aim to keep a tab of the hours you sleep. An adult (aged 18-60 years) needs at least seven or more hours of sleep per night. Best way to facilitate better sleep is to go to bed and wake up around the same time daily. A proper night's sleep helps in losing weight, getting glowing skin, and boosts mental health and heart conditions.

Become more productive

You sometimes may feel it's hard to concentrate on work and you end up wasting hours, procrastinating about jobs you have at hand. Being productive is the key and look at things that distract you easily be it weather for great outdoors, friends and family visiting or your time spend on social media. Set your priorities right and train your mind to be more disciplined.

Lead a healthier lifestyle

A simple daily ritual of a 15-minute walk, or 10-minute yoga or even by parking your car further away from your office, can boost your health and make you fitter and leaner. Avoid being sedentary for extended hours throughout the day at work, get up and walk to get yourself a glass of water. Play a game of catch with your kid when you return home, walk to the nearest grocery, catch up with friends in the community for a post-dinner walk.

Don't skip breakfast

If you are always in a rush before going to school or work, then plan better in 2020 to spend time for breakfast - an essential meal of the day. It needs to be balanced and healthy, no matter how rushed you are. Eat healthy - a meal that has fruits, fibres and greens. If time does not allow you to make a fresh breakfast every day, try prepping it all on the weekends.

Reduce stress levels

Stress is the biggest killer in this world, and you already are aware of that. So, why not guard yourselves against it in 2020. Speak to friends/family or a counsellor if something is bothering you to get a different perspective on the problem. And if there is no one, then write about the stressor on a paper, it helps to analyse the situation better. Try out some relaxation techniques to keep the mind calm, like listening to music or meditation.

Make music a part of your life

If you want to exercise and stimulate your brain, make listening to music your pastime activity. Research has shown that listening to music reduces anxiety, blood pressure, and pain and helps improve sleep quality, mood, mental alertness, and memory. So, get your playlist ready.

Support local farmers and produce

It's no secret that locally grown food has countless benefits to offer, like it creates economic opportunities, gives health benefits and helps to reduce environmental impact. So, aim to buy from the local farmers' markets or farms and support community agriculture programs.

Travel while being environmentally conscious

Travelling to different places offers unique joy, as you discover new cuisine and culture. It has significant advantages for the mind and body. However, it's essential to travel responsibly, leaving minimum carbon footprints everywhere. Pick an eco-friendly hotel, reduce your in-flight carbon emissions, choose the train or water taxis wherever possible. Also, support local shops by buying souvenirs and tasting local cuisine.

Move towards healthy eating

Eating right kinds of foods is a tonic of good health. Make sure you indulge in more socially conscious and health-conscious dining. Opt for more plant-based alternatives; introduce brussels sprouts, kale, cauliflower, and oat milk in your diet.

Immerse yourself in nature

In this tech-driven world, spending some time with nature, hearing the birds chirp, the sea roar or the sun being reflected on the water is an ideal good health mantra. Spend at least some time every day close to plants or in a green spot in your area that will help boost your immunity and happiness.

Be a volunteer

Giving back to the community has excellent emotional benefits. Volunteering makes you healthier and happier. It connects you to others, can help you identify your passion, and brings fun and fulfillment in life. Dubai has several community groups where you can volunteer, either by offering your help to teach kids, look after pets, take care of a library or look after the elderly or the workers.

Lead by example

This New Year show your leadership qualities to the world. At the workplace be the role model for your employees and practice what you preach. Be on time, dress smartly, take smart decisions, achieve business goals, and communicate clearly. Lead 2020 by example, in everything you do at work and home.

Belief in the power of positive thoughts

Positive thoughts help in remaining optimistic about life at all times and being more confident about accomplishing your goals. Changing your perspective helps you look at situations assertively and manifests positive energy that reaps great benefits.

Start saving money by cultivating a saving habit

Are you the one that lives from payday to payday, then 2020 calls for a change? Try to make changes in your lifestyle to make savings. Set a shopping list to avoid all impulsive purchases, pack some lunch from home to save both money and calories. Avoid buying that fancy cappuccino every morning; instead carry homemade coffee in a hot flask to work. Lesser purchases mean less impact on the environment and more savings.

Spend less time on your mobile and social media

Think about this. The last thing most people do every night and the first thing every morning is to check the phones. For 2020, how about disconnecting from the screen, as more screen time makes us overworked, overbooked, and downright stressed. Engage more with real people around you and get close to the environment.

Reduce your carbon footprint

The current climate change in the world demands all people to try and reduce their carbon footprint. Try any of these easy ways to do your part for preserving your environment. A single T-shirt you purchase can have caused emissions equal to two or three days' typical power consumption, so buy less stuff to lower emissions. Enjoy a plant-based vegan diet and consume less meat. At home, save energy by using LED lights, install water saver taps as these make sound financial and carbon sense.

Be mindful of your actions

Stress at work, relationship worries, debt problems can complicate life, resulting in people not to being conscious of their words and actions when interacting with others. Spend a few minutes each day to meditate, to maintain a state of wellbeing as this helps relax the mind that will help you engage with the world effectively.

Learn new skills

Updating yourself with new ideas and skills helps you to keep your mind active. Learn different things of your interest, be it - how to cook, get a new degree, register for an online course, a new language or skill like dancing and swimming.

Practice gratitude

Start the New Year by being thankful for what you have. Gratitude brings abundance to your life. Along with feelings of appreciation, make 2020 the year where you help others and make the world a better place!