Offering a unique value proposition to consumers, popular discount app VoucherSkout has attracted more than 45,000 users and 500 outlets in the UAE.

An interesting trend has emerged in recent years alongside a slower economy in the UAE. Consumers in the country have become increasingly price conscious and selective when it comes to spending on leisure, food, beverages, attractions and experiences. Such attitudes have boosted the popularity and adoption of discount and daily deals apps designed to help consumers rake in big savings and make smarter spending decisions.

These types of apps are creating a win-win situation for consumers and companies alike. First, they offer consumers great value for their money and a more convenient way of using vouchers – one that no longer requires them to spend their time searching through coupon books.

Secondly, discount apps offer plenty of far-reaching benefits for businesses listing their products and services as they provide an opportunity to build brand awareness and customer loyalty. At the same time, companies can leverage these platforms to target new customers and gain a competitive edge in the market.

The Voucherskout value proposition in a nutshell

One relatively new brand to join the competition in the UAE is VoucherSkout, an app that has recently become a serious contender in the digital discounts and daily deals space. The startup offers a unique value proposition and business model, giving users the ability to benefit from 50% discounts on all products, services and experiences listed on its app.

For example, if you were to find your favorite café listed on the VoucherSkout app, you would be able to use a voucher on the spot and cut your total bill amount in half. There is no annual subscription fee or upfront cost for VoucherSkout users. Instead, members simply redeem a voucher at the listed venue of their choice paying a nominal fee in the form of credits (more on that later).

With other apps like The Entertainer, registered members are limited to redeeming buy-one-get-one free offers, requiring them to order two of the same item or bring a friend along to benefit from the voucher. Other competitors such as daily deals apps Cobone and Groupon require users to pay in advance and buy into a deal as part of a group.

While there may not be a big difference when it comes to the discounts offered by these various apps, the cost of participation for VoucherSkout members is less, while the app gives customers the added convenience of using vouchers on a pay-as-you-go basis.

How to start saving with VoucherSkout

Once you have downloaded the VoucherSkout app and registered as a member, you will be able to browse six categories– namely Food & Drink, Brunch, Beauty & Wellness, Sports & Leisure, Family & Local Services and Learning – offering something for every type of consumer.

To get started on VoucherSkout simply follow the below steps:

  1. Select the voucher you want to use
  2. Check the voucher’s validity and any terms mentioning what is included
  3. Press the use now button at time of transaction
  4. Pass the phone to the merchant to enter their PIN
  5. Pay for the voucher using credits (read on to find out more)
  6. Show the confirmation code to the merchant
  7. Enjoy 50% off your purchase

I know what you must be thinking – this app sounds like it is too good to be true. I initially thought the same thing until I tested it out for myself. I was pleasantly surprised with the quick registration process and easy-to-use features. The platform provides a seamless browsing experience as it automatically lists deals from outlets that are geographically nearest to you using your GPS location.

The app also includes a wealth of information on each listed deal covering everything from the validity of the deal to specific days that the voucher can be used on. Prices and other important details are clearly labeled on each voucher, so as long as the customer reads all the fine print before making a purchase, there should be no hidden costs or unpleasant surprises when it comes to paying. Each voucher is priced based on how much you will save and vouchers usually cost anywhere between 3 and 5 credits.

If you apply for a Citibank Credit card or are an existing Citi Credit Card holder, you are entitled to free VoucherSkout credits, giving you instant access to 50% discounts on bills at over 500 outlets in the UAE, in addition to other privileges and perks.

A new era for discount-driven consumers

In today’s digital era, apps like VoucherSkout are not only helping consumers unlock big savings, but also creating new platforms that companies can leverage to build loyalty with their customers. Case in point – global tech giant Samsung, which has recently ventured into the voucher space by collaborating with VoucherSkout to integrate the startup’s technology and network to offer its customers access to Samsung Pay Vouchers.

This partnership is just one example of how many established brands are joining forces with innovative startups that offer the right customer-centric solutions, as opposed to reinventing the wheel and developing brand new products and solutions.

With so many discount apps on offer, it has never been easier for value-conscious consumers to save big. New technologies are bringing attractive deals directly to the customer, saving them not only money but also precious time. Best of all, these apps give the consumer the freedom to enjoy what they love without compromising on their lifestyle or breaking the bank.

So, what are you waiting for? Once you realize the value that this app offers, you will begin to wonder how you ever lived without it.