Time Deposits allow you to earn interest rate for placing your money for a fixed term.

  • Select various tenors to suit your needs ranging from 30 days to 1 year
  • Product available for local and major currencies.
  • Minimum deposit of AED 1,000 or its equivalent in USD, AUD or CAD
  • Tenors including; 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year
  • Log on to your Citibank account and set up a Time Deposit
  • Call our 24-Hour CitiPhone Banking Service on +971 4 311 4000 for further assistance


The above rates are subject to change. Citibank's General Terms and Conditions apply, are subject to change and are available upon request. Prior to booking, varying or withdrawing a Term Deposit, please refer to the current General Terms and Conditions. Interest on the deposit will be paid on maturity. The Time Deposit is subject to the minimum balance limit determined by Citibank from time to time. Unless otherwise instructed by the Customer on or before the date of maturity, a Time Deposit may, at Citibank's discretion, be automatically renewed for like periods of time at the interest rate determined by Citibank to be in accordance with prevailing market returns in respect of such deposits. Where a Customer withdraws a Time Deposit early this will be subject to the payment of a fee, penalty and/or charge as Citibank deems appropriate in the circumstances and which may be modified from time to time. Early withdrawal of Time Deposits is subject to the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions. Citibank shall deduct a fee of up to AED 50 from the amount of interest earned where there is any early withdrawal of a Time Deposit. The Customer acknowledges that Citibank may at its discretion vary the provisions applicable to early withdrawal of Time Deposits including but not limited to the interest rate and the basis of calculation of the interest rate applicable from time to time. All securities and property held by Citibank in the Customer's name, including time deposits, may be held as security for the payment of any amounts due to Citibank from the Customer.