Every life has a financial value linked to it, be it a businessperson, employee or housewife. Our ‘Pay as you Go’ International Term Assurance plan helps you ensure that unforeseen circumstances such as the early demise of the earning family member or the diagnosis of any critical ailments of a family member do not impact you financially, and help you maintain your current lifestyle.

This term life insurance plan offers you the choice of a benefit period ranging from 5 years upto 35 years from the time of policy subscription (policy term).

Life cover benefits include a lump sum payment on your death or diagnosis of terminal illness during the policy term.

  • Allow your family to clear outstanding debts, if any
  • Provide an adequate income for your dependents to pay for living expenses, school fees, child care and regular bills
  • Protect your business in case of demise of a key person or principal
  • Provide a cash deposit to the estate, which may prevent other assets being sold

Critical illness benefit may be used to:

  • Provide funds to allow a family member to give up work to care for you or to fund other home care;
  • Allow you to repay debts
  • Pay for any major renovations required to your home (e.g. to permit wheelchair access)
  • Provide an adequate income for you to pay for ongoing living expenses
  • Protect your business if a key person or principal is critically ill

International Term Assurance is underwritten by Zurich International Life and Citibank is a distributor.