Big Payments = Big Rewards Big Payments = Big Rewards

Big Payments =
Big Rewards

Big Payments = Reward points

Big Payments =
Reward points

Rent + PayAll = Rewards

Rent + PayAll =

Citi PayAll

Turn Big Payments into
Big Rewards

With our brand new feature Citi PayAll, you can pay rent, education, maintenance fees, travel packages and events with your Citi Credit Card. Earn miles or rewards with the same earn rates as your existing spend,all for just a small fee.

Get one step closer to that dream holiday or go on a shopping spree!

With Citi PayAll, big payments turn into big rewards. Use this feature on your Citi Credit Card to pay for things you normally can’t pay for using a credit card. Earn points, cashback and Miles on things like rent, school fees, or just about anything else. You can even split big payments into smaller ones with the Easy Payment Plan monthly instalments.


Stay in control

Your home rent and children's education expenses are not just big payments - they are also some of the most important. Citi PayAll lets you manage your cashflow smartly and stay in control so you don't miss a payment or exceed your credit limit.

Schedule recurring payments and turn them off easily with Citi PayAll
Get notified every time a payment is made  with Citi PayAll


What is Citi PayAll?

You can pay rent, education, your property maintenance fee, travel packages and for events using your Citi Credit Card with the newly launched Citi PayAll feature for just a small fee. For the first time, these payments will be able to earn reward or statement credit depending on your Citi Credit Card type. To start using Citi PayAll on Citi Mobile® App, go to the Credit Cards section & click on "Payments" tab

Who can I pay with Citi PayAll?

At present, Citi PayAll allows you to pay for Rental, property maintenance, education, travel agency, special events using your credit card. Your recipients need not be a Citibank customer and will receive the funds as a normal bank transfer.

What credit cards can I use for this service?

Emirates-Citibank, Citi Premier, Citi Rewards, Citi Cashback, Citi PremierMiles, Citi Life, Citi Simplicity.

If you do not have any of these cards, Apply now.

Do I earn rewards on my transactions?

Yes, depending on your Citi Credit Card type you will be able to earn reward points, miles or cashback for each payment.

Can I schedule a payment?

Yes, you can. When setting up your payment just select the specific date of transfer as long as it is 7 calendar days away. You also have the option make this a recurring payment for the next 24 months.

How long do payments take to reach my beneficiary?

Payments may take up to 7 calendar days to be processed and are subject to review and approval.

Is there a fee for using Citi PayAll?

Yes, a small fee as per schedule of charges is charged per Citi PayAll transaction, which is determined for each transaction. The fee will be shown/calculated after you input the transaction amount and recipient details.

Will I earn rewards or statement credit on any fee(s) charged for a PayAll transaction?

No, you will not earn any rewards or statement credit on any fee(s) charged for a PayAll transaction

I've lost my card! Will my payments continue to recur?

If you have lost your card, your payments will not continue on the newly reissued card. Please set up a new Citi PayAll payment on your replacement card to ensure your recipient gets paid on time. However, we will be able to transfer your Citi PayAll payments onto your new card, should your card be renewed upon expiration.

Is there a cap to the amount I can transact via Citi PayAll?

Yes, there is a cap on the amount you can transact via Citi PayAll. You may only transfer up to 95% of your available Citi Credit Card limit or AED 150,000, whichever is lower.

I am a supplementary Citi Credit Cardholder. Can I still use this service?

Unfortunately, Citi PayAll is only available for Basic Cardmember(s). Click here to apply for a Citi Credit Card as a Basic Cardmember(s).

How do I know if my set up or payment is successful?

You will receive an email notification alert when the payment is set up and when payment has been successfully charged to your card. Successful payments will be reflected in your credit card statement.

If you have made a recurring payment, you will also receive a notification alert every month when the transaction is charged to your credit card.

We will also notify you if your payment fails to go through.

My payment got rejected. What do I do now?

You will receive an email notification when your payment is unsuccessful. In this case, you will not be able to proceed with Citi PayAll. Please make alternative arrangements to ensure your recipient gets paid

If a payment fails, am I still charged?

If your payment fails to go through, the transaction amount and the accompanying processing fee if charged will be refunded to your card.

What happens if I set the payment up to the wrong recipient?

If you made an accidental payment to the wrong recipient which was processed successfully, the transaction cannot be reversed

Can I amend or cancel my transaction after I have confirmed it?

Unfortunately, You cannot amend your transactions once it has been set up. However, should you wish to cancel the transaction, please contact us at least 7 calendar days before your next payment due date. Our officers will assist you in cancelling your transaction provided that it is within the specified timeframe.

How will my Citi PayAll payments be reflected on my credit card statement?

Your payment will appear as "PAYALL" on your credit card statement, along with indications of the payment type and your recipients name e.g. "PAYALL RENT – LEE WALKER".

Your recipient will see the same description in their bank statement.

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