Save time and stay in control of any bills you pay regularly.

Through Citibank Online and Citi Mobile you can make instant payments for many of the bills you need to pay regularly.  Our partners include:

  • Etisalat (Prepaid and Postpaid)
  • Du (Prepaid and Postpaid)
  • Salik
  • DEWA
  • SEWA

Log on to your Citibank account and start paying your bills now.

A Direct Debit is a transaction where Citibank will automatically debit your account to make a payment to another bank account, based on your instruction. The amounts can vary from one payment to another.

The following pricing structure pertaining to Direct Debits on your account are applicable:

Direct Debit Setup Stop Payment Return due to Insufficient funds*
Banking Account Free Free AED 25
No charge for CPC
*Charges of AED 25 is applicable for every return of Direct Debit Instruction due to 'Insufficient Funds'.

Once a Direct Debit instruction is placed, you are responsible for ensuring that your account has sufficient funds to satisfy your liabilities to the beneficiary. If there is more than one Direct Debit request on your account, the requests will be processed on a first-in first-out basis. This may result in one or more Direct Debit request being dishonoured if there are insufficient funds in your account to meet all payments.

The Direct Debit will be returned without referral by Citibank in case of insufficient funds. In the event of any shortfall, you will be liable for any costs, fees, penalties and charges levied by Citibank. Please also note that partial payment of any Direct Debit Instruction will not be executed.


Citibank Terms and Conditions apply, are subject to change, and are available upon request. For the current Terms and Conditions, please click here. Citibank N.A. makes no warranties and assumes no liability or responsibility in respect to the products and services provided by partners. The benefits and services detailed hereof are subject to Terms and Conditions of each benefit, product or service. All offers are made available on a best-effort basis and at the sole discretion of Citibank N.A. Citibank N.A. may review, amend, extend, discontinue any of these benefits and/or services and/or modify applicable Terms and Conditions.

The maximum rewards that Cardmembers can earn per month for using this service is:

Citibank Credit Card Reward/ Miles Cap
Emirates - Citibank Ultima 1,000 Skywards Miles
Emirates - Citibank Ultimate 750 Skywards Miles
Emirates - Citibank World 500 Skywards Miles
Emirates - Citibank Gold & Silver 500 Skywards Miles
Citi Prestige 1,000 ThankYou® Points
Citi Premier 750 ThankYou® Points
Citi PremierMiles Elite (VISA) 1,000 Citi Miles
Citi PremierMiles Signature 750 Citi Miles
Citi PremierMiles Titanium 500 Citi Miles
Citi Rewards 750 ThankYou® Points
Citi Life World Elite and Infinite 3,000 CitiDollars
Citi Life Platinum 2,000 CitiDollars
Citi Life Gold and Silver 2,000 CitiDollars

For the purpose of determining the ThankYou® Points or CitiDollars or Skywards Miles or Citi Miles earned, the sum of the value of all bills paid by Citibank Credit Cardmembers on all their basic cards and their supplementary cards in a statement cycle (between two statement dates) will be taken into account. The ThankYou® Points/ CitiDollars / Skywards Miles/ Citi Miles earned by Citibank Credit Cardmembers for a given month will be credited by the 10th of the next month.