Experience enhanced flexibility in managing your everyday finances with Citi Current Accounts.

Whether you are a professional or a businessperson, a Citi Current Account can offer simplicity and convenience for all your financial needs.

Open current accounts online with Citibank and enjoy unlimited checking facilities with your personalized checkbook. With a Citi Current Account in UAE, you can also make free withdrawals up to AED 40,000 per day through our vast network of ATMs around the world.

Moreover, a Citi Current Account helps you stay on top of your finances at all times with 24-hour Online banking, Mobile banking and Citiphone banking services. Open a current account with Citibank and enjoy a seamless banking experience.

Features of Current Account

A current account with Citi provides the following services:

  • Personalized check book.
  • Unlimited checking facilities.
  • An international debit card.
  • Withdrawals up to AED 40,000 per day with no charge on Citibank ATMs globally. For non-Citi ATMs, charges as per the Schedule of Charges will apply. Click here to access the Schedule of Charges. Charge is independent of the amount of withdrawn.
  • Available in a range of major currencies.
  • 24 Hour Citiphone Banking service, Citibank Online banking and mobile banking.

Eligibility Criteria for a Current or Checking Account

  • Resident of UAE
  • Minimum age should be 18 years old

How to Open a Current Account?

To open a Citi Current Account, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • If you would like to maintain a balance below USD 200,000, then you need to visit one of the Citi branches with the required documents, and a Citi Representative will assist you in opening your account. To view the list of documents that are required to open a Citi Current Account, please click here.
  • If you would like to maintain a balance above USD 200,000, then you may be eligible for a Citigold or Citi Private Client account that caters exclusively to your wealth management needs.

Key Fact Statement

Click here to view the Key Fact Statement for Bank Accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Current Account?
  • A current bank account is opened by professionals or businesspeople who have to carry out significantly higher number of transactions in a day with the bank. With a current account, funds can be credited and withdrawn at any time without giving any notice.

  • What is difference between current and savings account?
  • A current account is an account that is used to carry out frequent business transactions in a day. Whereas, a savings account is one in which individuals deposit their savings with the bank in order to earn interest.

  • What is the benefit of current account?
  • A current account does not have a limit on the number of transactions that can be carried out in a day. This account enables businesspeople to make direct payments via cheques, demand drafts or pay orders.

  • Does current account have minimum balance?
  • The minimum monthly average balance requirement for a Citi Current Account is AED 3,000. You will not be charged any fee if you maintain the minimum monthly balance. However, if you are not a Citigold (CG) and Citigold Private Client (CPC), you will be charged AED 25 for non-maintenance of the minimum balance.

  • Who can apply for Citi Current Account?
  • If you are a resident of UAE and if are 18 years or older, you can apply for a Citi Current Account.