We understand that life presents endless possibilities. Citi brings you a wide range of convenient installment loans for your every need. Whether you want to upgrade your favourite gadget, consolidate your credit card balance, pay school fees, or buy a new TV, our installment loans can fulfill all your cash needs without straining your budget.

Don’t have a Citi Card yet and want Cash instantly?NEW

With Citi Ready Credit, you can now access cash instantly with higher credit limits up to 6x of your monthly salary. Click here to apply now and get instant* cash at a special rate starting from 15%** per annum, in your existing Citi account or your account in any other bank within UAE.

Our suite of flexible installment loans will ensure that your cash flow needs are fulfilled on time. Explore our installment loans online and choose a plan that works for you!

*Based on credit limit approval. As soon as credit limit is approved amount will be transferred in the provided account before physical card delivery & activation. Please note that once physical card has been delivered, the virtual card will become redundant. Kindly activate your physical card as soon as received.

**T&Cs apply. 15% is annual rate and is applicable during the term of the 1st loan booked on Ready Credit Card within 1 month of card approval. Applicable only for new Citi customers.


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Ready Credit: Instant Cash Access, Higher Limit

Ready Credit: Instant Cash Access, Higher Limit

Get cash when you need – no questions asked; pay it back as per monthly schedule or all at once – no fees attached

Installment Loan on Card within Credit Limit

Citibank customers shopping after availing installment loan from Credit Card

Maximize the value of your credit limit with an instant cash loan.

Installment Loan on Card beyond Credit Limit

Citibank customer shopping after taking advantage of additional cash in her bank account beyond her Credit Card Limit

Why wait for the things you want? Take advantage of excess cash in your bank account.

Easy Installment Plan

Citibank customer enjoying at home with his family after converting his retail transactions into easy monthly installments

Go big and pay small. Convert your retail transactions into easy installments to repay over time.

Balance Transfer

Citibank customers enjoying after transferring their outstanding balance amount directly to their beneficiary Citi Credit Card account

Repayment options that suit your needs, with lower interest rates and smaller installments.

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