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2021 October Monthly Market Outlook

2021 October Monthly Market Outlook

Slower Growth Isn't the New "Down"

Roughly 18 months after the low point for global economic activity, COVID-19 is sharply weakening as a driver of economic activity. So too is the “snapback” from depressed conditions.

Not every shock beginning in China is created equal. Unwinding Evergrande is unlikely to pose systemic risk in China, much less the world. Global markets face a shift in macro policy away from easing, consistent with slower growth. A property-led slowdown in China’s economy could be felt globally. However, the Evergrande headlines came at an unfortunate time, exaggerating its particular importance
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2Q21: Higher Rates vs Global Recovery -Navigating the Volatility

In this quarter’s Insights,Citi analysts discuss how the world looks to have reached a “green tipping point” with global climate policy activity accelerating alongside renewed green commitments from businesses, investors, and consumers
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Stay updated on key global market developments and Citi's house views on the latest headlines. Find out what's trending through our comprehensive market research reports and in-depth thematic articles.
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2021 Mid Year Outlook

Traveling to the post-COVID world

New portfolios for a new economy
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