The Financial Institutions Group is the premier corporate coverage organization providing transactional banking, treasury & capital markets, investment banking, derivatives & hedging and MIS solutions to Financial Institution clients.  A global team comprised of seasoned FIG bankers provides leadership, together with product partners, for the creation and replication of innovative business, technology and risk management solutions in response to our client or industry need.

In UAE, our FIG bankers act as the gateway for the latest banking products and services required by our counterparties which have presence in major international financial hubs themselves. With Citi's global foot print, FIG has an unmatched product delivery capability across markets.

Citibank's Financial Institutions Group is a global leader in transaction services for leading Banks, Investment Institutions and other Financial and Monetary intermediaries. With the industry's largest proprietary network spanning 107 countries, Citibank® consistently ranks as the premier choice for Cash management and trade services, Foreign Exchange products, Portfolio products, Capital markets primary and secondary, Corporate Finance, Investment Management and Custody services in more markets than any other bank according to industry surveys. Our correspondents rely on Citibank® for authoritative market intelligence, state-of-the art processing capabilities, and responsive client service.

Citibank® has been providing Financial Institution services and banking expertise worldwide for over 100 years. During this time we have expanded our branch network to include a presence in over 100 countries. In short, we are a global bank with exceptional coverage. By choosing Citibank® as your partner, you will benefit from accessing all of our infrastructure and resources which enable us to offer efficient, cost effective and reliable correspondent banking services. We believe we are well positioned to meet your needs both locally and globally.

With a global leadership position in virtually every market served, Citibank's Financial Institutions Group offers clients the full spectrum of both traditional and non-traditional products and services. Citibank® is capable of handling your business on a global scale that few institutions can match. When choosing a partner for your correspondent banking business, various criteria should be reviewed and considered. One must consider not only the capabilities, terms and conditions and commitments of a correspondent but also its reputation, position in the market, and credit worthiness as well as its contingency plans. In addition, Citibank® has membership on various boards regulating the payment industry. This provides your institution with the assurance that your payment needs will be handled by a bank well placed to ensure a dedicated and secure payment service. Hence, when comparing Citibank®capabilities with other banks there are a number of very tangible and intangible benefits Citibank® can offer your institution.