Foreign Currency Transfers within UAE / Cross Border Payments

Citibank Online offers a swift, secure and simple way to pay someone overseas.

First, click Make a Payment or Transfer.

Next, select Cross Border Transfer from the drop down menu.

Choose the account you would like to transfer from.

Now, enter full details of the payee.

Finally, choose your transfer currency and amount.

To transfer immediately, click Today, or instead set a future date for the transfer.

You can also set up a regular Cross Border Transfer by clicking Set Schedule.

  • To transfer immediately, click Today.
  • To set a future date for the transfer, click the calendar icon and select the date you want.

To set up a regular transfer, click Set Schedule:

  • Set the frequency (e.g. weekly, monthly or quarterly) using the drop down menu
  • Select the first transfer date using the calendar icon
  • Specify the last transfer date or total number of transfers, or leave the transfer in place until you want to cancel it

You can give your transfer a name in the Payment Details field, this is optional.

Click NEXT and check the details of your Cross Border Transfer.

When satisfied that all is correct, click CONFIRM AND PAY.

Your One Time Password will be delivered via SMS. Enter it in the box and click CONTINUE.

The transfer is now arranged.