Mutual Funds

Your flexible way of buying and managing Mutual Funds online.

To start, select Mutual Funds from the Investments tab.

The screen displays a summary of your current holding s and a list of your Mutual Fund accounts.

Print, download or scroll through to view.

Access frequently used functions via "Quick Links".

For details of each Mutual Fund account, click on the account number.

All Mutual Funds in the account are set out in detail, including performance, market value and units held.

To acquire extra units in a fund, click Buy More.

Choose an account to pay from using the drop-down menu.

Enter the amount you want to invest and select a fee arrangement.

Ready to buy? Agree to the Terms and Conditions, then click SUBMIT.

Redeem all or part of your Mutual Fund Investment using Citibank Online.

Click the REDEEM tab.

Use the drop-down menus to choose:

  • The account number and fund you want to redeem
  • The number of units you're redeeming
  • Which of your bank accounts you want Citibank to credit

Accept the Terms and Conditions, then click SUBMIT, and that's all arranged.

Buying a completely new Mutual Fund is also easy.

Select a Mutual Fund account number from your list.


In the box, type a fund provider or fund name, or enter key criteria to find funds that meet your needs.

Click SEARCH for a list of suitable funds, then click on the one you want to buy.

Check the debit account and the number of units you want to buy.

Accept the Terms and Conditions and click SUBMIT to check your instruction.

When you're happy, click CONFIRM.

All done!