Fixed Term Deposits

Deposit $20,000 or more for a fixed term of your choosing, with competitive interest rates.

1: Select Time Deposit from the Investments drop-down menu.

2: Use the next menu to select the account you want to deposit funds from.

3: A table appears. Use it to choose:

  • Your preferred term length, deposit amount and interest rate
  • The deposit currency

Click the VIEW INTEREST RATE tab to check rates and terms for each currency.

4: Select your deposit type: single maturity or auto renewal

5: Enter the exact amount you're depositing in the Debit Amount box

6: Specify your Renewal Instructions.

7: All done? Accept the Terms and Conditions, and click NEXT.

8: Check your instruction summary and click OPEN THIS TIME DEPOSIT.

See all your active Time Deposits by clicking VIEW DEPOSIT SUMMARY and the More Details link.

To close a Time Deposit, click the Close link.

Select an account to receive your principal repayment. This can be partial or in full.

Click NEXT to check your instruction summary.

Now accept the Terms and Conditions and click CONFIRM.

That's all done!