Managing your money just got quicker and simpler with Citi online money transfer services. Enjoy round-the-clock convenience of paying your bills or money transfers anytime, anywhere. Whether you want to send money to a loved one across the globe or pay your utility bills, Citi brings you a suite of online fund transfer solutions to manage your diverse payment needs effortlessly.

As a Citi customer, you can avail of a wide variety of services such as Utility Bill Payments, Direct Debit, Foreign Currency Transfers, Standing Instruction Payments, Local AED Transfers, money transfers and more. There are just so many ways to transfer funds with Citi.

What’s more, we have increased the limit for your daily online transfer request to USD1,000,000 (or equivalent).

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Transfers Between Your Accounts

Send Money Between Your Accounts

Buy, sell and transfer funds between your accounts instantaneously.

Utility Bill Payments

Save Time and be in Control of your Utility Bills

Save time and be in control of your bills using Citibank Online.

Standing Instructions

Set Standing Instructions for Easy Payment of Utility Bills

Increase convenience by setting up your frequent payments to meet any future payment needs.

More Direct Debit

Make Online Bill Payments Easily with Scheduled Money Transfers

Set up scheduled money transfers to make it easier to meet your ongoing payments.

Local AED Transfers

Send Money Easily to Your Friends in UAE

Use the ease of Citibank's Online transfer system to send money to friends or pay your commitments within UAE.

Foreign Currency Transfers

Funds Transfer

Experience the live competitive FX rates available before confirming your transfer, immediate processing and our user friendly platform helping you to breeze through it quickly and efficiently.

Citi Global Transfers

Instant Money Transfer from one Citi Account to another Citi Bank Account

Transfer funds instantly from your Citibank personal account to other Citibank personal accounts around the world - no transfer charges attached.

FX Order Watch

FX Order Watch keeps a Constant Check on the Currency Exchange Markets.

Set your preferred buy or sell exchange rate and Citi will keep an eye on the market for you occur.

Funds Transfer Guide

Simple Guide for Money Transfers using your Citi Bank Account

Quick guide for conducting funds transfers using your Citibank account.


Please carefully review the details before you submit the instruction. In the event you submit the instruction with incorrect information, the transaction cannot be reversed.
For transactions that require a currency conversion, Citibank will use foreign exchange rates applicable at the time of processing the transaction. Please note that a foreign exchange spread will also be applied on to the transaction amount.
Once the transaction is confirmed it will be processed on the transfer date you selected, subject to: (i) availability of funds (ii) compliance with Citibank terms and conditions (iii) provision of all necessary information required to complete the transfer and (iv) receipt of the transfer request prior to cut off time of the selected currency.
If you place a request for transfer through the branch or via fax after the cut-off time of the selected currency, the transfer amount will be debited on the next working day at the prevailing exchange rate applied on that day.
If you place a request for transfer through Citibank Online after the cut-off time of the selected currency, the transfer amount will be debited immediately at the closing exchange rate of the selected currency for that day.
Transfers received in relation to currencies whose currency centers are closed will be processed on the next working day of the respective currency center. Please note that no interest will accrue on the transfer amount from the date it is debited from your account.
Citibank will debit any applicable charges and/or commissions in accordance with the Schedule of charges. The charges may be revised from time to time at the discretion of the Bank. For details on the fees and charges, please visit
You may be unable to obtain full value for a funds transfer on account of exchange restrictions or other restrictions applicable in the country of payment or due to the fees and charges of the paying bank.
Citibank will not be held liable for any delay or any loss in fund value.