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I have a salary account with Citi
I am
My monthly income is
AED 8,000
AED 8,000 AED 200,000
I need
AED 64,000
AED 6,000 AED 175,000
Available repayment plans
Est. AED 1,748.89/month for 48 months Total payable: AED 83,946.94 EIR(p.a.) 14%
Est. AED 2,187.37/month for 36 months Total payable: AED 78,745.26 EIR(p.a.) 14%
Est. AED 3,072.82/month for 24 months Total payable: AED 73,747.79 EIR(p.a.) 14%
Est. AED 5,746.38/month for 12 months Total payable: AED 68,956.51 EIR(p.a.) 14%
Excludes Processing Fee of 1% of loan amount



Personal Instalment Loan

Apply with your ID only

Repayment periods from 6 to 48 months

Loan amounts of up to AED 175,000

At Citi, we understand that when it comes to taking a loan, planning well ahead of time is essential. That’s why our online bank loan calculator will help you plan your finances with ease!

The Citi loan calculator is very simple to use. Just enter the desired loan amount, set the applicable interest and number of monthly installments and click on “Calculate”. The personal loan calculator will instantly calculate the approximate monthly installment that you need to pay. Knowing the exact figures will ensure that you don’t over borrow. Use our loan calculator to make well-informed borrowing decisions.

*The installment amount informed to you through this loan calculator is a close approximation and may differ based on the day the loan is booked.

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