Investment Products

Once you have defined your investment strategy, it’s success begins with a sound and well diversified portfolio of investment products.

Mutual Funds

An investment vehicle that provides you access to a portfolio of securities managed by professional fund managers

Fixed Income Securities

Most typically in the form of bonds, the main benefit of fixed income products are their lower-risk profile and regular income payments.

Structured Notes

Debt instruments structured to link possible coupon payments or the note’s market value to the performance of the underlying financial instrument or market.

Premium Accounts

A Premium Account is a dual currency account that provides potentially higher returns by taking advantage of currency exchange rate movements.


This website does not constitute any offer or solicitation to buy or sell. Investors should refer to the relevant offering document(s) for detailed information and applicable terms & conditions prior to subscription. Investment products are not bank deposits or obligations or guaranteed by Citibank N.A., Citigroup Inc. or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries unless specifically stated. Investment products are not insured by government or governmental agencies. Investment and Treasury products are subject to Investment risk, including possible loss of principal amount invested. Past performance is not indicative of future results: prices can go up or down. Investors investing in investments and/or treasury products denominated in foreign (non-local) currency should be aware of the risk of exchange rate fluctuations that may cause loss of principal when foreign currency is converted to the investors home currency. Investment and Treasury products are not available to U.S. persons. All applications for investments and treasury products are subject to Terms and Conditions of the individual investment and Treasury products. Customer understands that it is his/her responsibility to seek legal and/or tax advice regarding the legal and tax consequences of his/her investment transactions. If customer changes residence, citizenship, nationality, or place of work, it is his/her responsibility to understand how his/her investment transactions are affected by such change and comply with all applicable laws and regulations as and when such becomes applicable. Customer understands that Citibank does not provide legal and/or tax advise and are not responsible for advising him/her on the laws pertaining to his/her transaction. Citibank UAE does not provide continuous monitoring of existing customer holdings.
A Citibank Premium Account is a dual currency investment that involves a currency option which confers on the bank the right to repay the principal and interest earned at maturity in either the base currency or alternate currency. Part or all of the interest earned at maturity on the Citibank Premium Account represents the premium that the bank pays for the currency option.
By investing in a Citibank Premium Account, you are giving the bank the right to repay you at a future date in the alternate currency (instead of the base currency in which your initial investment was made), regardless of whether you wish to be repaid in the alternate currency at that time.
Unlike a traditional bank account, a Citibank Premium Account has an investment element and returns may vary. Citibank Premium Accounts are subject to a number of risks, including foreign exchange fluctuations, which may provide both opportunities and risks. You may experience a foreign exchange loss when you convert any alternate currency into the base currency, which may neutralize the interest earned at maturity and may even result in losses to the principal. It may happen if the alternate currency depreciates in value against the base currency and the interest earned at maturity will not compensate for the foreign exchange loss, which in that case will be incurred when the principal and premium received in the alternate currency are converted back into the base currency. Exchange controls may also apply to currencies your Citibank Premium Account is linked to. For more information on a Citibank Premium Account, you should carefully read the terms and conditions of the Citibank Premium Account.
You should note that a Citibank Premium Account is an investment product that should be held to maturity. Early withdrawal of a part of a Citibank Premium Account prior to the maturity date is not permitted. Early withdrawal of the whole of a Citibank Premium Account is permitted but strongly discouraged, because you will have to pay early termination charges as determined by the bank, and these charges will be deducted from the amount repaid under the Citibank Premium Account. You should also note that the bank may, at any time at its discretion, discharge its entire liability with respect to a Citibank Premium Account by paying you your principal and interest that has accrued in the base currency or a currency of the Bank's choice.