Bonds are fixed income securities that offer regular income and play a significant role in providing stability to your portfolio. . Whether you want to build your wealth or diversify your investment portfolio, bonds are an attractive investment avenue that can fulfil both objectives.

At Citi, you get access to a wide selection of bonds issued by reputable organizations from around the world. Choose from a variety of credit ratings based on your risk appetite and investment objectives. Investing in bonds will potentially help you secure a steady income and an opportunity for capital appreciation.

Bonds are debt instruments issued by governments and corporations, and can be denominated in US Dollars or any foreign currency.

Typically each bond issued has a fixed interest rate (also known as a coupon) paid at regular intervals and a tenure ranging from 1 month to 30 years. Upon maturity the issuer repays the ‘face value’ of the security in full along with any outstanding coupon payments.

Bonds can be traded online 24x7 at Citibank Online (under Investments > eBrokerage) at competitive prices

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Examples of Bonds include:

Fixed Rate Bonds

These bonds pay the same amount of interest for their entire tenure, providing you with greater investment certainty.

Floating Rate Bonds

These bonds have a variable interest rate that are typically tied to market interest rates. When the reference market interest rate increases, the interest return may increase accordingly and vice versa

Zero Coupon Bonds

A zero coupon bond makes no periodic interest payment, but instead it is usually offered at a discount from its face value. The return will be reflected from the gradual appreciation of the bond which is redeemed at face value on maturity date

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