Lifestyle Protect is an optional credit insurance program designed to provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that even in unfortunate circumstances, your cover will allow you to take care of your Citibank Credit Card dues and also ensure some of your personal expenses are taken care of.

This insurance is brought to you by MetLife and offers the following benefits.

In the unfortunate event of Death or Critical Illness:

  • Coverage of the full Outstanding Balance
  • Payment of three times the average Outstanding Balance for the last three months to you or your legal heirs

In the unfortunate event of Involuntary Loss of Employment:

  • Coverage of 10% of the Outstanding Balance on your credit card up to 6 months of proven unemployment
  • Payment of 5% of the Outstanding Balance directly to you up to 6 months of proven unemployment
  • Lump sum benefit paid to you and Bank to cover your Outstanding Balance in the 7th month of proven unemployment