International Decreasing Term Assurance is a cost effective protection plan to protect your family or business from the burden of paying off the loan outstanding in the unfortunate event of your death, disability, or critical illness.

International Decreasing Term Assurance is a pure protection plan which helps you provision against your liabilities. This financial solution is effective where there is a decrease in outstanding liability with every payment, such as mortgage repayment or other loans where the debt is being repaid over time and hence one requires a decreased amount of liability cover.

You can effectively secure a personal / business liability by assigning the policy to the organization where you have availed your cash facility. The plan also provides life cover and the option riders to customize the plan to suit your need.

Life cover benefits include a lump sum payment on your death or diagnosis of terminal illness during the policy term.

Key features:-

  • Allow your family to clear outstanding debts, if any
  • Protect your business liabilities in case of demise of a key person or principal
  • Protect your business if a key person or principal is critically ill