Higher education for a child has always been every parents dream. The steep increase in the cost of education and alarming rate of inflation can overwhelm even the most financially secure families. That’s why good financial planning can help to make your dreams come true.

To ensure that your children or grandchildren receive the best education standards in this competitive world we bring you two different approaches to meet your financial goals.

Wealth Accumulation Plan is single premium approach towards investment where you can customer your portfolio matching your risk appetite and market conditions. The portfolio allows you to diversify across different fund houses and allows switching between funds based on your market outlook.

Key features:-

  • High flexibility allowing you to add additional premium increment with surplus cash flow
  • Option to withdraw and partial surrender to finance short term capital requirements
  • Offer wide range of investment funds to match your risk profile
  • Allows you to choose from a wide range of currencies

Global Choice helps you prepare you to save on a regular basis, ensuring that your children or grandchildren receive the best education standards. This flexible insurance plan lets you decide how much and in which currency you wish to invest, gives access to your capital by allowing regular withdrawals or partial surrenders, and helps to secure your future through adding optional benefits such as additional life insurance cover and waiver of premium benefits.

This platform follows a Dollar Cost Averaging approach which helps minimize the impact of market volatility and the wide range of mutual funds helps you build a portfolio allocation that matches your risk profile.

Key features:-

  • Flexible mode of payment (Monthly, Quarterly, Semi Annually, Annually)
  • Wide range of funds across asset classes
  • Option to switch funds to manage portfolio risk

Global Choice and Wealth Accumulation Plan are underwritten by Zurich International Life and Citibank is a distributor.