Free Supplementary Cards

Apply for free supplementary credit cards for your family members and give them the convenience of using their own Citi credit card. Remember, you can set the limit on their card (as a % of your own limit) and earn rewards points* on the spends on their card.

You can take a Supplementary card for:

  • Your Blood Relatives
  • If they are above the age of 13

*Simplicity customers will not earn reward points

Please fill in the following details and a Citibank representative will be in touch with you shortly.


Only for Emirates-Citibank Ultima Mastercard Credit Card holders

Emirates-Citibank Ultima Mastercard plastic supplementary cards are free of charge. If you wish to issue your supplementary cardholders a metal card, kindly note that a one-time fee of AED 1,000 per supplementary card applies.