The rapid expansion of the Internet has revolutionized the way we work and deal with our customers. Customers can now complete their banking online at their own convenience, 24 hours a day.

While we do our utmost to ensure the security and confidentiality of our online banking systems and technology, there are steps you need to take as well to ensure your security when using the Internet and when conducting banking online.

At Citibank information security & protection of our customers are of paramount importance. Please take the time to find out what you can do to protect yourself against these risks and understand your roles & obligations with respect to online banking.

Check if the address in the address bar of your browser starts with:

Check certificates which protect this site. In order to do it click on the "yellow padlock" icon in the bottom bar of your browser.

Use "firewall" programs and anti-virus software, which protect your computer against attacks via the Internet.

Change your password regularly. If you suspect that someone could get to know your password, change it immediately.

Protecting our customers and providing a secure online banking experience is top priority at Citibank. We have implemented the best available security solutions & technology to ensure that all of our customers' online transactions are safe and secure.

128 Bit Encryption

All data sent to and from Citibank is "scrambled" and "reassembled" between Citibank and your personal computer using 128-bit encryption, the highest level of encryption commercially available.

Secure Online Banking

We consider the security of our customer’s personal data a top priority here at Citi. In light of this, our new internet banking system has enhanced security measures. Along the simplified sign on method, our innovations follow our customers’ needs and the market trends.

How to terminate your Citi Mobile App access

Please call our 24X7 CitiPhone banking at +97143114000. Alternatively, you can reach us over email at

Please note that uninstalling the Citi Mobile® App will not remove or disable your Citibank Online access.

Sign On - You will need to enter your registered User ID and Password using the Keyboard (No virtual/on Screen Keypad) this is part of the new system upgrade for your own convenience.

One Time Password - When you perform certain actions, such as activating your card, adding new payee, viewing your E-Statement. Citibank Online will now ask you to enter a One Time Password. This password will be sent via SMS to your primary mobile number registered on our records allowing you to complete your request.

Ethical Hacking of new functionality / service

Any new functionality / Service that is introduced on Citibank Online undergoes an hacking test, what this means is that we try and break into our own creation using latest tools and only when it passes the most stringent of tests, is a Service introduced for you.

Automatic Time Out

When there is no activity for 6 minutes, Citibank Online will display a warning message, and upon no activity within one minute, customer's secured Citibank Online session will terminate to help protect against unauthorized access.

Strict Protection of Customer Information

Citibank has strict standards of security and confidentiality to safeguard the confidentiality of customer information. Regular audits are conducted internally to uphold these standards.

Adherence to Regulatory Standards

We abide by all information security and online banking regulations set by the authorities both here in United Arab Emirates and in the U.S., with regular audits conducted to ensure compliance.

With the above steps taken, customers can be assured of the online security that Citibank offers and should not hesitate to use our 24x7, convenient online banking services to conduct their financial transactions.

  • Citibank is committed to offering our customers the highest level of support possible.
  • If you suspect that there has been any un-authorized breach of your Account(s) online, or that an online transaction has taken place that you did not initiate, you should notify Citibank immediately by calling CitiPhone Banking at (9714) 311-4000.
  • Security incidents will be escalated to our technical support staff for evaluation. If any breach of security appears to have occurred, the bank will investigate it further.
  • Citibank will provide you an interim update of our investigations and the status of your case. Final resolution of any incident, though, will depend on the nature and complexity of the incident, as well as the details surrounding the case.
  • While we investigate, our officers may ask you to provide more details surrounding the incident to allow us to resolve your case as quickly and as efficiently as possible.