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GZERO Media and Citi Global Wealth Investments are pleased to present “Living Beyond Borders,” a special-edition podcast series that examines how our lives change as the world changes.

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Episode 9: What's next in 2023?

June 29, 2023

"We are coming out of a period of uncertainty," says David Bailin, Chief Investment Officer at Citi Global Wealth. "We've all been thinking it would go much faster than it has, but in the event we get to a more normal economy in 2024, given how vastly impactful COVID was, I think that that's a pretty fast outcome."

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Global food (in)security

Season 4: Episode: 8
"We need to keep that investment flowing to come up with better ways to do this so that everyone is fed within the constraints of what the planet is able to bear," says Peter Ceretti, Director of Global Macro Geo Strategy at Eurasia Group

How AI is changing our economy

Season 4: Episode: 7
"We're entering into another leg of a continued industrial revolution which is going to be marked by collaboration between humans and machines," says Archie Foster, Managing Director and Head of Thematic Equities at Citi Investment Management. "This will include industrial automation, robotics, and AI," he adds.

Can the US and China find common ground?

Season 4: Episode: 6
"I think we're entering into a period when it will be more attractive to invest outside of the US and to invest in China and Pan-Asia than we've probably seen in the last few years," says David Bailin, Chief Investment Officer at Citi Global Wealth.

Energy transition today

Season 4: Episode: 5
"It actually all comes down to one thing and that's money," says Raad Alkadiri, Managing Director of Energy, Climate and Resources at Eurasia Group. "Will there be the money for investment in renewables, in energy efficiency made available? And I'm not just talking about the industrialized world, I'm talking about globally."

Broken (supply) chains

Season 4: Episode: 4
"Other than the impacts of the pandemic, which are easing, and from Russia/Ukraine, I'd say that the greatest risk to global supply chains today and moving forward will likely be from the US-China relationship, and the movement towards selective decoupling," says Jon Lang, Director for Trade and Supply Chains at Eurasia Group.

Inflation Nations: What to know about inflation and interest rates

Season 4: Episode: 3
"During the course of this year, the Fed will not be concerned only with inflation as the months go by; increasingly the pendulum will shift, and they'll be concerned about the employment part of their mandate as well," says Charlie Reinhard, Head of Investment Strategy for North America at Citi Global Wealth Investments.

The economic power of women?

Season 4: Episode: 2
"Women control a third of the world's global wealth today, and they make 70% of household consumption decisions. It is a segment that we all have to be focused on, because the success of the women as a whole is going to continue to drive economic prosperity for all of our countries around the world," says Ida Liu, Global Head of Citi Private Bank.

Should I STILL be worried?

Season 4: Episode: 1
"The equivalent of what we spent in World War II was spent in the course of a year and a half to support the US economy, and that had global impacts. All of that was rolled out with incredible speed and effectiveness, [but] the hangover effects from that are very, very significant," said David Bailin, Chief Investment Officer and Global Head of Investments at Citi Global Wealth. Years into a global pandemic and one year into an unexpected war in Ukraine, the stability of the world's economy - and political balance - remains in question.

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