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    0% EPP is valid for Emirates Citibank Credit Card only

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  • I acknowledge that the information provided above is correct and is to be used for converting my purchase to 0% Easy Installment Plan.
  • Easy Installment Plan request will be processed at 0% interest and there is no pre-closure fees associated with the service.
  • Easy Installment Plans can also be availed at reducing balance rate up to 35.88% per annum for up to 48 months from any channels
  • Final approval of the Easy Installment Plan will be determined by Citi in its absolute discretion and is subject to Citi's credit and risk processing criteria. In case transaction amount is paid off or it is billed in statement the transaction will not be converted to Easy Installment Plan
  • Citibank Terms and Conditions apply, are subject to change and are available upon request and on the Citibank website
  • No rewards points if the transaction is being converted into 0% EPP.
  • All offers are made available on a best effort basis and at the sole discretion of Citibank, N.A. Citibank, N.A. makes no warranties and assumes no liability or responsibility with respect to the products and services provided by partner(s)/other entity(ies).
  • By inquiring about our services, offers or products, you will be authorizing our representatives to approach you through your contact details, including your telephone / mobile number.
  • The instalments from the Instalment Payment Plan are billed to the Citibank credit card account monthly similar to a normal retail purchase and are subject to usual Finance charges (fees or APR interest rate) if you pay/ had paid less than the minimum amount due indicated on your current or previous monthly statements of account on or before the payment due date

What is 0% Easy Installment Plan and How does it work?

A 0% Easy Installment Payment Plan enables a cardholder to convert purchases they have made at selected merchants with their Citi credit card into convenient monthly installments with no interest.

However, credit card spending of specific amounts, as specified by the bank, can only be converted into installment plans. Upon the conversion of the transaction into a 0% Easy Installment Plan, the purchase amount will be divided into Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs) for a fixed tenure. Cardholders will be billed the EMI Amount from their next statement and thereafter until the total purchase amount is covered in full.

Frequently Asked Questions



  • 0% EPP is valid for Emirates Citibank Credit Card only
  • Emirates Advantage Program is only applicable for online purchased tickets at where the "credit card" option was chosen at the time of booking. Tickets issued using any other payment option are not eligible for this payment option.
  • The journey need to depart with origin from Dubai only
  • Bookings initially made with the "Hold my Fare" option, but then subsequently paid by credit card are not eligible for this instalment option. Bookings made using "Cash+Miles" or "Stored card Option" will not receive the option to apply, however can be enrolled manually with a request to the Emirates office in the UAE, within 24 hours of purchase only.