Go big and pay small. Convert your retail transactions into easy installments to repay over time.

Benefits of Easy Installment Plan

Instantly convert credit card retail transactions of AED 100 or above into installments through Citibank Online.
You can repay the transaction amount in convenient installments for up to 48 months
Earn reward points for each installment paid.
No documents required.
No application form.

How Easy Installment Plan Works

Conveniently book an EIP in a matter of clicks through Citibank Online

  • The transaction amount that you convert into installments will be blocked from your existing credit card limit and the amount will be released with each payment you make.
  • Monthly installments shall be due for payment & will appear in your next credit card statement after converting the transaction into installments.
  • You will earn reward points on each billed installment.
  • The instalments from the Instalment Payment Plan are billed to the Citibank credit card account monthly similar to a normal retail purchase and are subject to usual Finance charges (fees or APR interest rate) if you pay/ had paid less than the minimum amount due indicated on your current or previous monthly statements of account on or before the payment due date

How to Apply for Easy Installment Plan

Instantly book online

  • Click here to login.
  • Select the card.
  • Select Transaction and tenor to complete booking.

View the full list of available 0% EIP partners. Click here

SMS 'EIP' to 2484 (CITI).


Citibank Terms and Conditions apply, are subject to change and are available upon request. For the current Terms and Conditions, please click here. The offer is available on a best effort basis and at the sole discretion of Citibank, N. A. Open to minimum spend amount of AED 100 or more done with primary credit cards. Citibank N.A. makes no warranties and assumes no responsibility in respect to the products and services provided by partners.